Friday 28 March 2014

Chapter 7⎥The new Teacher ⎥Out of the Dark

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Here is Chapter 7 of my new weekly vlog-Book, "Meet theMultiples - Out of the Dark" or you can play all the chapters so far in one go (21 mins)

I've changed the plan slightly in that my American partners want to print a physical book in the next few weeks, introducing the 12 characters. They have a budget to do new illustrations, so watch this space, the gorgeous new book "Meet theMultiples" will be out shortly!

In the VlogBook chapters 1 to 7,  I have set the scene for the stories that follow and you can watch all of these now in one go (21 mins) by playing the "Out of the Dark" playlist on the MeettheMultiples TV channel. Click the video on the right >>

From Chapter 8 onwards the idea is that the stories develop interactively. Anyone can contribute from children, their parents to authors and media professionals. We can even make separate theMultiples's videos for you and for schools, and post them to the MeettheMultiples TV channel. Now that really is interactive TV, don't you think?

The ultimate aim is to use social media and social settings to overcome the endemic "some people just can't do x, y, or z" culture and to replace it with a natural confidence from an early age in numbers, science, reading and creative writing. This is primarily a social challenge where eating together at table is a fantastic, regular setting to nurture this positive culture. So putting theMultiples' on Times Table Plates for use both at home and at school, provides wonderful opportunities for role play, copying, peer group interaction and leadership around the stories in general and numbers in particular.

I'm sure all parents and teachers greatest wish for their children would be to find a reliable, replicable way to fire their imaginations and encourage a life long, creativity-incubating curiosity. In today's world, I think that early exposure to numbers and the big questions that scientists are trying to solve right now - and some of their extraordinary answers - is that reliable key, and "theMultiples' Out of the Dark" interactive vlog-Book is intended to provide a doorway for that key, so that together they act to bring our children reliably into new world where all of them have the simple desire to listen in class, ask questions, create new ideas and make a full contribution to this knowledge century that we are building.

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