Tuesday 8 November 2011

Social Learning - Why are we starting this Adventure now?

Start "Social Learning" with theMultiples' unique "Times Table Plates"
And Why Times Tables Plates?

Today is the beginning of a big adventure which I will document on this blog,  but first I hope you'll forgive me if I try to create a solid foundation for it by giving you a very brief background sketch which describes how and why we came to create this new and unique concept - Times Table Plates.

So here goes -

One of the problems with most societies as they become more affluent is that relative luxury removes the emotional drive which made those societies affluent in the first place. You see successful families grappling with this Catch 22 all time - you want to give your kids the best of everything, but how do you keep them motivated, grounded and enthusiastic to learn?

Add to this the classic teenage trap of thinking "it's cool" to "dis" school, education, working hard, even simply listening in class - and parents, schools and society in general have a real double whammy to surmount if we are not to end up with generation after generation of relative decline in educational standards - a decline which is being observed in most Western societies.

I think Social Learning is an important part of the answer. Social Learning happens through a) close contact b) role model c) imitation and d) understanding. The possession of emotional intelligence is not necessary for all social learning to take place but I would add that understanding and development of such is the second pillar upon which Western society can build a new psychological foundation to re-invigorate its moral, intellectual and material development.

Since 1997 I have created various relatively complex initiatives upon these pillars: Digitalbrain, Educentre, theReallyBigSociety - all have had only moderate success in advancing this agenda but have never gained real traction towards critical mass. Indeed I would argue that despite some wonderful examples of progress in some places in some countries, the West's collective psychology is still drifting and rudderless.

So now I have gone back to basics and created 12 quirky characters and put them on plates to make "Times Table Plates". It's never been done before - we are already ranked No.1 on google for the search "Times Table Plates".

My aim is to publish 12 entertaining and interactive eBooks/Apps, each with 12 chapters, describing what happens when each character meets the other. Each character will show a greater or lesser degree of emotional intelligence and this will have both educational and comedic value i.e it will be "edutainment for Social learning"

The characters will have a presence in safe social networks for children - there are already 40 million members of children's social networks worldwide.

And I aim to collaborate with restaurant chains and schools so that families can eat together socially, on familiar theMultiples plates - at home, in school, in their local restaurant - and meet theMultiples characters in person, who will read the original stories and ask the children to write new stories every month collaboratively, with regular prizes for the best - which might even become an eBook/app in its own right.

The aim then with theMultiples to build something big and meaningful for society by starting with a very simple idea - families eating and learning together.

If you like this initiative, please spread the word by following my progress on this blog, on Twitter @DavidJClancy and share the blog with your friends on your networks. You can buy theMultiples Times Table Plates at www.theMultiples.com 

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